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Stay ahead of the curve with AI solutions that drive exponential growth and empower your business to outshine the competition. The rise of ChatGPT signifies the mainstream acceptance of AI, and it's time for you to harness its immense power. Discover how AI can revolutionize your processes, customer support, and efficiency. Embrace AI early and unlock a significant advantage that propels your business to new heights of success. We can help you to transform your organization into an AI-driven powerhouse. hello@Ekasmin.com

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Our Excellent AI and Business Solutions

Embark on a journey of excellence with our cutting-edge AI and business solutions powered by Azure OpenAI, cognitive services, Azure Studio, and our Enterprise ChatGPT app. We thrive on innovation and are committed to delivering exceptional results that transform the way businesses operate. With our profound expertise in artificial intelligence, we provide customized solutions that revolutionize your organization's operations. From intelligent business management systems to seamless digital workplace solutions, our comprehensive offerings empower you to optimize efficiency, streamline processes, and unlock untapped potential. Step into the epitome of excellence as we pave the path for your business's unparalleled success in the dynamic digital era. Unleash the true potential of AI with us and stay ahead of the curve.

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AI Business Solutions - LLMOps

Unlock the power of Azure Open AI with our expert guidance in assessing, fine-tuning, and deploying LLMs. Our innovative solutions include a Question Answer bot for seamless customer service and a robust focus on data privacy. With our expertise, you can create an immersive and interactive corporate knowledge base, utilizing tools like ChatGPT.

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Business Management Solution

Be Agile. Introduce latest project management methodolgies using JIRA, Asana.

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Gap Analysis & AI Roadmap

Unlock the immense potential of AI within your organization as we empower you to implement the perfect AI strategy that aligns with your unique needs and objectives.

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Digital Transformation

Empower your workforce with latest digital tools for higher productivity. AI powered M365, Google Workplace, Hubspot CRM

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A Simple Way To Start

Gap Analysis & AI Roadmap

  • Presentation on AI Benefits
  • Define Objectives
  • Conduct Current State Assessment
  • Gather Requirements
  • Perform Gap Analysis
  • Develop AI Roadmap
AI Business Solutions - LLMOps

  • Gap Analysis & AI Roadmap
  • AI Solutions (like QA Agent/Apps)
  • Pilot Testing
  • Implementation
  • Documentation & Training
  • Maintenance
Digital Transformation

  • Prompt Engineering Training
  • Agile Training
  • JIRA Implementation
  • M365 Implementation
  • Azure Open AI
  • Google Business/ Hubspot CRM
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About Us

We're Best in transforming a business

Our proven track record of successful implementations in the power sector, tourism, immigration, ed-tech, shipbuilding industry speaks volumes about our capabilities. We deliver tailor-made solutions that enhance operational efficiency, optimize resource allocation, and drive growth. We ensure seamless implementation and knowldge transfer.

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Across India, Bangladesh, and Canada


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vinod kotiya Founder & Director
Masters in Dependable Software Systems from the University of British Columbia with 17+ Yrs. IT Experience in Public/Private/Start-up companies
Why Choose Us

We Make Your Business Smarter with AI & Digital Transformation

Harnessing cutting-edge technologies and strategic insights, we offer tailored solutions that propel your organization forward. Whether you're seeking efficient business management systems like JIRA, seamless digital workplaces with M365, prompt engineering training, knowledge management or question answering capabilities leveraging LLMs from Azure OpenAI, our comprehensive services have you covered.

Explore the limitless possibilities of AI and embark on a transformative journey with us. Together, we'll unlock your business's true potential.

Proven Enterprise Solutions
Data Security Compliance
Easy Implementation
Cost Savings

What Say Our Clients!

From the need to support professionals in learning and adopting revolutionary AI technology. We focus on leveraging AI to make processes more efficient and allow people to work more effectively, not reduce or eliminate headcount.

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